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The Community Knowledge Share (CKS) workshop series brings to you a diversity of online gatherings lead by community leaders in the Internet Freedom field.

CKS focus on a variety of topics found in the digital rights space ranging from technology infrastructure to community health to regional research. Workshops last 1-2 hours, and are interactive, allowing the community not just to learn and share knowledge, but also to brainstorm on issues together! CKS are designed to deepen your knowledge in a particular area; connect with others interested in the same topics or areas; promote collaboration and the fomentation of partnerships across regions and disciplines; and showcase and celebrate the amazing people that are leading our community!

The following are the past CKS sessions and workshops with corresponding notes

The Impact of Witnessing Human Rights Abuses: Vicarious Trauma

Survivor Guilt, Regret Rumination and How to Cop it as an Activist

Responding to Defeat and Creating Communities of Hope

Imposter Syndrome in Activism: How Do We Cope?

Getting to Know our Stress & Anxiety

Commonalities Between the Regions

Africa Digital Rights Perspectives

Asia Digital Rights Perspectives

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Digital Rights Perspectives

Latin America Digital Rights Perspectives

A Career in Technology Research

A Career in Grassroots to International Nonprofits

A Career in Public Interest Technology

A Career in Tech Tool Making

A Career in Policy Advocacy

An Overview of the Digital Rights Landscape for Career Seekers

NewNode VPN: Internet Access In Shutdowns And Disruptions

How to Critically Choose a VPN

Getting Started with Outline: Helping your friends and family access the Open Internet

“All of them claim to be the best”: A multi-perspective study of VPN users and VPN providers

Threat Modeling 101: Understanding When to Use or Not Use a VPN

Run Snowflake Proxies and Strengthen Internet Freedom

Becoming Your Community’s VPN Provider with WEPN

Deconstructing Trauma

Trauma & Identity: a deep dive on intersectionality

Healing in the In-Between: Exploring Migration and Vicarious Trauma

Responding to Defeat and Creating Communities of Hope

Processing Rage 101

Your Own Oxygen Mask First: An Intimate Conversation for Digital Rights Leaders about Burnout

Organizational Accountability Wheel Webinar

The archives of positive future: dance with a furious smile as you are the future: To be Fire

Understanding & Designing your Mental Health Plan

Regenerative Activism

Imagining Alternative Worlds through Activism

Mayan Healing Ceremony

Dealing with Distress in the Digital Rights Community: What can you do as a community leader?

Embodied Connection

Dealing with Conflicts in Activist Groups and Teams

Care is Resistance: From Being Detained as a "Terrorist" to the Coping-with-prison-guide

Into the Fediverse on the Back of Mastodon

Tor en dispositivos móviles, Transportes Conectables & Snowflake

Pathways to Organizational Health

Tor on Mobile Devices, Pluggable Transports / Snowflake

Grab a cup of coffee and come to talk about making your podcast!

OTF Fireside Chat: Funding Opportunities & Feedback

Launching your Podcast 101

Even The Finest of Warriors

Fundraising and Participatory Decision Making in the LGBTQAI Non-Profit Ecosystem

How to Report Software Bugs / Thunderbird Bug Party

Everything You Need to Know About Mailvelope

The 2020 Community Health Report Debrief

SignalBoost: Secure Messaging at Scale for Digital Organizers

Colombian Human Rights in the Digital Age

Design, Human Rights, and Harm

Nonprofit Management 101: Understanding the Basics of Running a Nonprofit

Remote Online Harassment During COVID19

Into the Zanga

The Data Detox Kit and Engaging Audiences

The Feminist Ecosystem Funding: Why Doria Feminist Fund

Q&A with The Tor’s Circumvention Lead About Snowflake

Disinformation Workshop: Tools & Techniques

Collaborative Conversation on Free Speech, Extremist Organizing & The Paradox of Intolerance

Story Time Cafe with Internet Master Storytellers

Independent Media in Lebanon After the Blast

Annotated Bibliography: Transnational Digital Repression

Creating Your Own Custom Security Policy

VPN & Policy

Telling Stories about Algorithms

Civilsphere's Emergency VPN: Analyzing Mobile Network Traffic to Detect Digital Threats

Icarus Project: Testing and Analyzing Internet Censorship Circumvention Solutions

The State of Internet Freedom Around the World

The Alarming Growing Trend of Digital Identification Systems

Resisting Public Space Surveillance: Fostering privacy and anonymity in the age of mass video and facial recognition surveillance

How to VPN

Identity 2.0: Exploring Digital Identities Through Art

The Intergenerational Ruptures and Bridges in Feminism

Decentralized Web: Research Findings

Procesos en Capacitaciones en Seguridad Integral y Digital

Understanding Hong Kong

Digital Rights in Southeast Asia

So You Want to be a Digital Security Trainer

How to Better Prepare for the Next Internet Shutdown

Disinformation Strategies and Tactics

Covid-19 Without a Lockdown: Digital Tools Used in Taiwan for Coronavirus Prevention & Monitoring

América Latina: la tecnología en tiempos de COVID-19

How Activists Organize Self Care and Collective Care?

Growing Privacy Concerns During COVID-19

Fireplace Chat with Funders in the Internet Freedom Space

The Story of Diversity, Security & Love in Southern Africa

Magick of Glitter & Tales of Building Community

Silencing Across Borders: Digital Threats and Transnational Repression against Exiled Activists

Constructing Feminist Tech through Fiction

Online Facilitation

Taking the High Route - the Internet routing architecture and human rights