Fundraising and Participatory Decision Making in the LGBTQAI Non-Profit Ecosystem

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Workshop: Fundraising and Participatory Decision Making in the LGBTQAI Non-Profit Ecosystem


Xeenarh has gone through it all. She started off as a digital security trainer, and most recently was the Executive Director of Tiers, one of the oldest and largest LGBTQAI organizations in the region. While she is a great example of “it can be done,” Xeenarh faced typical challenges that folks trying to fundraise and manage organizations outside of the US/EU ecosystem face - which can be both overwhelming and complicated.

Join us for a special edition of CKS workshop, where Xeenarh will share the wisdom they have acquired including:

  • Lessons learned on their career path from a grassroots activist to the executive director of one of the largest and oldest LGBTQ organizations in Nigeria.
  • Fundraising, especially from a non-US/EU path. What does fundraising look for folks coming from outside of the US/EU, and how to do it effectively.
  • How to design and create participatory decision making.

// We will be hosting a 20 minute post-workshop networking exercise to allow folks to meet others who share their interest, and strengthen collaborations across various lines. Make sure to schedule in 20 minutes extra on your calendar, if you are interested in joining //

Xeenarh is a lawyer, activist, community organiser and holistic security trainer with over a decade of experience working on human rights issues across sectors within and outside Nigeria. Most recently, she served as the ED of TIERs, one of the oldest and largest LGBTQ+ organizations in Nigeria. In the last few years, she has worked with organisations such as Open Technology Fund, Love Nigeria Foundation, Heinrich Boll Stiftung and freelanced for many other organisations on issues relating to human rights, gender and social development.

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