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Here you will find a collection of manuals, tips, and information on things like digital security, physical security, self-care, and much more! Also organized by diverse languages!

Review our Digital Justice House Toolkit here, which proposes three transformations in the digital rights workplace to improve your team health:
  • Right to disconnect
  • 4 day work week
  • Unlimited vacations

Resources for At-Risk Digital Rights Defenders

In this content you will find resources related to Wellbeing and Resilience, Security and Protection, Strategic Advocacy, and Localization. The resources go from guides to learn and consult, to emergency grants to apply for. Read more.

The Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders

Here you will find the Holistic Security Protocol for Human Rights Defenders (the Defender’s Protocol) which helps us advance our physical safety, digital security, and well-being and resilience. Read more.

Toolkit for Psychosocial Providers Serving Digital Rights Defenders

Take a look at the Mental Health Primer for Providers Serving Digital Rights Defenders. This is the first ever educational toolkit designed for psychosocial providers and/or mental health professionals serving (or wanting to serve) digital rights defenders. Read more.

Building a Trauma-informed Organization

Review here information about the impact of trauma, how to recognize its signs and symptoms, and how to respond by integrating this knowledge into policies, procedures, practices. Also, you will find resources for building a resilient and trauma-informed organization. Read more.

Security Resources Organized by Topic

This page is organized by four overarching topics: 1) Building awareness of how respond to threat and stress, 2) Understanding our threats and context, 3) Risk mitigation, 4) Security planning. Read more.

Resources Organized by Language