Community Notes

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The following are notes that we take for each instance of our various online virtual gatherings. Glitter Meetups are weekly town halls for the Internet Freedom community, and Community Knowledge Shares are weekly workshops given by a diversity of community leaders on a variety of topics.

Glitter Meetup Notes

Glitter Meetups serve as weekly town halls where individuals can share updates in their regions or projects, ask questions or seek advice and support, share their opinion, and create collaborations with digital rights defenders from all other the world. Read more

Community Knowledge
Share Notes

CKS workshops are lead by community leaders, and cover an area of topics. They are usually capped at 25 people, and run from 1-2 hours. Read more

Regional Meetups Notes

The regional meetups are bimonthly video calling gatherings that bring together folks from the African region, the LATAM region, the MENA region, and the Asian region to share, connect, seek help, and release stress by celebrating each other.

Villages Notes

Find all the knowledge and resources shared during villages like the VPN Village, the Welcome to Digital Rights Village or the Perspectives from the South Village. Read more

Community Needs

A summary of the Digital Rights Defenders needs tackled during different gatherings.

Other Meetups Notes

Read the notes of the Lingua Cafe initiative, on-time meetups with different topics, and other collective special gatherings. Read more.