Digital Justice House

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The Digital Justice Toolkit provides context and concrete steps to follow each one of the three policies.

The Digital Justice House presents the first of many practical recommendations for organizations looking for a way forward to improve the health of their teams and the very communities they serve.

The Digital Justice Every Day toolkit focuses on three organizational policies that, if properly implemented, can bring dramatic and almost immediate results to our teams, people and work.

Three Organizational Policies:

Digital Justice Every Day provides information about three crucial policies:

  • The right to disconnect: Team members are entitled to unplug when their work hours are over. This impacts on a better work life boundaries, increased employee job satisfaction, and decreased burnout on your team. How to implement it? Review the Toolkit here!
  • The four-day work week: Employees gain an extra day of rest but with no reduction in pay. This means less costs for employers and improved productivity and employees coming to work with fresher minds which means more creativity and energy. How to implement it? Review the Toolkit here!
  • Unlimited vacations: Employees must take a minimum of 25 working days off in a year, apart of national holidays, sick days or office closures. This reinforces a culture of wellbeing, encourages healthy lifestyles and practices, and team members and team flow experience an energy recharge. How to implement it? Review the Toolkit here!

Taking Care of the Digital Rights Community Health

The COVID pandemic impacted on our workplaces and mental health. These measures can improve our teams wellbeing.

The COVID crisis led millions of people to reflect on their working conditions. Specifically, the digital rights field, formed mostly by people working remotely, suffered severe burnout, as many of us were unable to slow down or pause activities. In some cases, organizations were acting as if nothing was happening outside of our screens and conducting business as usual.

This process led us to research and suggest these main recommendations adding up concrete steps to implement them on your team. They can be applied to several workplaces, in different scales and levels. Please review them here!