OTF Fireside Chat: Funding Opportunities & Feedback

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Workshop: OTF Fireside Chat: Funding Opportunities & Feedback


The Open Tech Fund is one of the largest funders in the Internet Freedom space, funding technologies, research and initiatives that counteract repressive censorship and surveillance, and enabling citizens worldwide to exercise their fundamental human rights online.

During this facilitated workshop, OTF representatives will give an update on their news and development. Most importantly, they will be asking technologists, researchers, and trainers to provide feedback on:

  • What areas or challenges need more attention and resources from funders
  • What organizations, technologies or projects are doing amazing work
  • What are people seeing on the frontlines that is currently not being adequately addressed.
  • What is impacting the work of digital rights defenders

This talk will help feed into OTF’s future strategy. If you are unable to attend the workshop, feel free to send an email with some thoughts.

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