The 2020 Community Health Report Debrief

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Workshop: The 2020 Community Health Report Debrief

  • Who: Selma Zaki, Director of Community Mental Health Program @ Team CommUNITY
  • Date: Tuesday, July 13th
  • Time: 9am ET / 1pm UTC or 3pm ET / 7pm UTC Please note we will be conducting two instances of this session to account for various time zones. The sessions are identical in regards to content.
  • Language: English
  • RSVP Here:

Join us for a debrief of Team CommUNITY’s 2020 Community Health Report: "Building Stronger Communities - The case for mental health support for digital rights defenders.”

The report is the first of its kind, using a community lens to provide a snapshot of the wellbeing of digital rights and internet freedom networks around the world. In addition, the report offers insight into the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the mental health of these networks.

During the session, Selma Zaki, Team CommUNITY’s new Director of Community Mental Health Program, will present:

  • The report’s most important findings.
  • Briefly review the report’s participatory research methodology that builds on the idea that those impacted by the research should take an active role in shaping the questions, designs, and analysis and solutions, and
  • Insight on what we can do to increase the resiliency of digital rights networks going forward.
  • Plans to design and offer diverse psychosocial services to digital rights defenders based on the findings of the report.

The session is also a great opportunity for digital rights defenders to ask questions and provide feedback on the findings. We need your support to turn this negative narrative into a beautiful story of solidarity – and together we can do it!

Selma Zaki is a licensed Mental Health Counselor based in New York City who has provided therapy services between practices, community mental health centers and hospitals. In addition, she has has been published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology for studying the experiences of gender amongst Arab American women., and founded the organization, Lezem, geared at creating space for Lebanese youth to address community issues through creative projects. She is currently Team CommUNITY's director of the Community Mental Health Program.

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