A Career in Tech Tool Making

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  • Who: Giovanni Pellerano
  • Date: Thursday, May 18th
  • Time: 9am EDT / 1pm UTC (What time is it in my city?)
  • Language: English
  • Location: Zoom

RSVP: https://digitalrights.formstack.com/forms/welcometodigitalrights

A Career in Tech Tool Making with Giovanni Pellerano

Whether you are a developer, designer, a UX expert or project manager, your skills are essential to build the technology tools used by activists, journalists and citizens around the world, to protect themselves and advance their mission.

Hear from Giovanni Pellerano, co-founder and co-author of Globaleaks, one of the most important whistleblowing software in the world. Learn about his professional adventure and his project’s journey to a sustainable organization. Find out how secure a job career in a prominent field with a good team!


Giovanni Pellerano is a computer engineer and whistleblowing hacktivist. Co-founder and co-author of GlobaLeaks, Giovanni has been involved in the software’s architectural design since the early stages and has supported directly and indirectly several hundred whistleblowing projects around the world. He currently leads the research and development of the software.

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Recording & Resources

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Q&A Section

What happens to information once it is submitted by a whistleblower? Please can you outline how claims are vetted, by whom, how they are disseminated and published? Just an overview of the pathway the information takes.

The failure of wikileaks was collecting data without security. You need to have a team with different roles experts in different areas.

I wonder what technical skills are most researched at the moment by the digital rights organisations.

I don't have a specific question. I look to job boards, but from a job-offer role. Bigger companies do a lot of different projects that may see or mark the trends, like Access Now or Guardian Project. Don't feel ashamed to write to them, ask questions, and talk to you about their job-offers needs. Globaleaks is a global application so I look for expertise related to server-client that doesn't apply to the general scenario.

What about sysadmin skills? Do you think the dgital rights community needs these?  

If you are good at something, your skill is very needed. because it's a field that has less resources, if someone can do something, it's very likely that they go to the corporate sector, so there is urgency in every field of the Digital Rights community. It's hard to find the exact organization where you want to work but it's a matter of job seeking.

How do we offer our skills to digital rights community? I feel there are lots of technical needs but may not be identified within the organization

TCU Mattermost is a good place to meet and greet and exchange needs and skills. Events as the IFF are very useful to see possibilities to build synergies. Don't be shy to ask.

During most part of my life I was a digital rights activist, but more in the social aspect. Now I am acquiring technical skills, but mostly related to data mining research and not development, although I feel the urge to learn better. But not sure how to ally both.

Data Mining is a topic very demanded in the corporate sector. If you are an expert on this and you have passion and technical skills there is interesting research to make good things. You can apply for fund if you have nice ideas for this. This is the way you start a project and redefine ideas