Commonalities Between the Regions

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  • Who: Danae Tapia and Úrsula Schüler
  • Date: Wednesday, June 14
  • Time: 9am EDT / 1pm UTC (What time is it in my city?)
  • Language: English
  • Location: Zoom


Commonalities between the regions with Danae Tapia and Úrsula Schüler

In this session we will learn about the commonalities between the different cases and issues among the regions. We will discuss the global trends collected by our network during the last 18 months of community work by meetups and the regional briefs around the Global South.


Danae Tapia is a feminist writer, multimedia artist and technologist born in the Chilean working class. She is the founder of The Digital Witchcraft Institute, her fellowship with the Mozilla Foundation and an arts organization where she leads projects that fall at the intersection of posthuman technology, deep migrations and climate justice. She is also a lecturer of Hacking and Autonomous Practices at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Úrsula Schüler is our Latin America Community lead at Team CommUNITY. She studied journalism in her home country, Chile, and a Digital media marketing postgraduate program in Canada. She has more than seven years of experience working in media, companies, institutions and social organizations.

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Q&A Notes

Can you recommend readings exploring these Inter regional issues?

Each topic has his specific media outlets dedicated to that. For Digital labor, for example, we use Fairwork Foundation.

Did you come across any commonalities or new trends in internet censorship tactics?

Internet shutdowns (India the most) is the most common. As new trends, Asia CL noticed how the governments are trying to approve several laws to moderate content, but they want to surveil social media platforms, get data, and to make hard to use a VPN.

Has TCU covered any of topics related to misuse of information, integrity ideas towards censorship or grassroots perspectives at some point?

In general, the reports have this approach because we work with our own communities resources and sources.

It would also be interesting to know if there’s work exploring Inter regional collaborations to respond to these challenges

Our annual report tries to explores this interegional collaboration highlighting topics, orgs and campaigns. In general, there isn't enough of this approach because of the way this space is funded.

Thinking about the cross-regional learning, I’ve been so impressed by the information and examples in the regional briefs.  I was wondering, how do you want this knowledge to be used and taken forward?

We provide something, this is our goal, highlight voices from our regions and then people can use them as they want.

I am researching and uncovering the main pain points for different communities in the secure messaging space – I am working in that space focusing on security, privacy, and decentralization. Are there any additional resources that come to your mind that give me a deeper insight into the community’s issues regarding secure messaging?

There are some resources and some briefs dedicated to messaging tools but we need to be deeper.