Grab a cup of coffee and come to talk about making your podcast!

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Workshop: Grab a cup of coffee and come to talk about making your podcast!


Have you thought of making your own podcast? So did we! And not only that, we set out to make a podcast about data. As you can probably tell, our story (like the stories we tell about data politics) will be complicated, but fun. We’ll tell you all about the challenges of producing a podcast for newcomers like us and our activist partners, how we started the project and what it became, and of course, what we learned along the way. We will talk about the technical aspects as well as the storytelling aspects, which means we will talk a bit about the tools we used, and also about the challenge of telling stories about data and data privacy.

We will also share with you the resources that have helped us along the way and podcasts that have inspired us! We will be happy to hear your stories too! Bring your ideas, your audio dreams, your recommendations and, of course, a cup of your favorite beverage.

Laura Vidal is the regional editor of the Americas for IFEX and the ambitious storytelling lead of “Privacy is Global”. She also worked with Mozilla’s Internet Health Report on their audio appendix “Sounds” (aka Laura’s 2020 first baby) , and has been a podcast listener and enthusiast –especially for education purposes– for many years.

Laura Schwartz Henderson is the brilliant mastermind behind “Privacy is Global” through Internews’ ADAPT project. She is the Digital Rights Advocacy and Research Advisor on the Global Technology team at Internews. In this role she works across Internews to design research, build advocacy resources, and strategically communicate on issues such as censorship, internet shutdowns, data protection, connectivity, and the digital divide.

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