The archives of positive future: dance with a furious smile as you are the future: To be Fire

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  • Who: Stéphanie Janaina
  • Date: Thursday, November 3
  • Time: 10:00am to 11:30am EDT (What time is it in my city?)
  • Language: English
  • Location: Zoom


The archives of positive future: dance with a furious smile as you are the future

Digital rights defenders hold significant memories of pain, injustice, and struggle that they carry with them every day. Many times they forget that smiling is an act of resistance.

This workshop series is focused on helping individuals learn how to collectively create joyful muscle memories that can help them shape a better future. Individuals will learn how to create their own resilient and creative tool(s) against their bodies' memories of pain. .

While participants are encouraged to take all 2 sessions; you can choose to attend just one. Note: each session is limited to 30 participants. Participants are encouraged to setup a space that allow them to move safely and privately, wear comfortable clothing, and preferably be bare foot.

In this session, we will defend the importance of expressing fire, rage, what seems to us extremely unfair, but from a care towards ourselves. To take care of wrath and fury is to take care of fire. Not to control them but to be able to continue manifesting them without burning oneself. To embrace our body, our fragility is also to light the fire.


Stéphanie Janaina is a dancer and choreographer with studies in dance, visual arts and cinema. The starting point of all my research processes is Fragility in its different manifestations - between resistance, violence and displacement. My work leads me to decipher other possible meanings to this pejoratively feminized concept. Moreover, being Mexican and having grown up in a hostile environment has led me to confront violence and to try to understand how to talk about the body in a country where bodies disappear.

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