Everything You Need to Know About Mailvelope

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Workshop: Everything You Need to Know About Mailvelope


Mailvelope is an open-source email encryption company. It is a browser extension tool that provides end-to-end email encryption to your existing inbox. In this CKS workshop, Bobkevin will cover everything you need to know about Mailvelope, including:

  • Quick touch on the fundamentals of email security.
  • Client-side email encryption vs server-side email encryption within a business.
  • Emailing securely with your team/community/organization.

// We will be hosting a 20 minute post-workshop networking exercise to allow folks to meet others who share their interest, and strengthen collaborations across various lines. Make sure to schedule in 20 minutes extra on your calendar, if you are interested in joining //

Bobkevin Shoo is the Growth & Communications lead at Mailvelope. He has 4 years in cybersecurity and has been certified by Frontline Defenders and has conducted numerous training sessions across the Sub-saharan region.

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