Story Time Cafe with Internet Master Storytellers

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Workshop: Story Time Cafe with Internet Master Storytellers


Who: Mozilla and Team CommUNITY

Date: Friday, February 26th

Time: 11:00am - 1:30pm EST / 4:00pm - 6:30pm UTC+0 (other times below)

Language: English

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Join us for a fun and interactive cafe hour, and hear from the Internet’s storytellers from all corners of the web. Let’s reclaim the Internet by bearing witness to all the health and unhealthy moments of 2020, sharing our needs for 2021, and set a collective vision for the future. The event will feature:

  • A presentation from Laura Vidal discussing the latest Internet Health Report and the section featuring over 100 Internet experts and their takes on 2020 through healthy and unhealthy stories of 2020
  • Internet storytellers from different regions, who will share important internet moments in their country in 2020
  • A facilitated conversation helping us collectively map out the needs and desires for the future, in the hopes of supporting a healthy internet.

We’ll be telling the stories of the people, the projects and the events that are pushing the boundaries towards a healthier internet, showing us how internet health is a process, and an ever-evolving task, rather than a static ideal. We will also hear about the groups, the policies and the people in power that create worrying spaces and that we should know and understand better. Most importantly, we’ll be learning from each other’s stories and think about the ways the internet can be a better place beyond national or cultural borders.

Once we have all our storytellers, we will share their photos and bios and share them.

This event is being done in collaboration with Mozilla Foundation

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