Community Health Village 2022

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The Community Health Village 2022 offers educational and experiential sessions that share knowledge and perspectives from mental healthcare practitioners and other experts.

This year, the sessions are focused on different types of trauma and ways to address them, based on the findings from the Community Health Report 2021. In addition, the village helps us imagine how to heal together by looking at individual, community as well as organizational pathways towards collective healing.

Sessions are scheduled for the months of October and November 2022. They offer different modalities of healing and are presented in different formats, times and dates - some sessions are educational while others are hands-on workshops. We encourage you to attend as many as you can, to better understand the scope of healing pathways available.

How to RSVP

You must RSVP for each session individually, noting that some sessions have a limit of participants. More sessions may be added to this program. Note, sessions will take place on either Zoom or BigBlueButton.

Community Health Village 2022 Sessions: