September 24 2020 GM

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Glitter Meetups

We dedicated this Glitter Meetup to share some news from different regions, projects updates and resources between the community members.

  • Gusgus has a fireside chat coming out with the Ann Arbor District about her book. Keep Calm and Log On is a handbook for surviving the digital revolution. It covers not only digital security and privacy at a very simple level that is welcoming to everyday folks, but it also talks about maintaining mental health online, identifying disinformation, and breaking out of your "filter bubble".
  • On September 28-30, 2020, the seventh edition of the annual Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAfrica) will be co-hosted by the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) and Paradigm Initiative (PIN). You can register here.
  • Hong Kong Police to tighten definition of "media representatives" under its protocol. Full article here. This is a good place to find translates/comments on the proposed changed on Police Act & protocols.
  • In Lebanon, funders with existing relationships to independent journalists can just give them money in response to events. Full article here.
  • A community member shared Tech Ethics Coalition, a coalition dedicated to advancing ethical practices in the tech industry. Get involved here.