October 15 2020 GM

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Glitter Meetups

Upcoming Virtual Events

@October 20 | DigiSec Trainers Meetup https://internetfreedomfestival.org/wiki/index.php/DigiSec_Trainers_Meetup

@ October 21 | Africa Monthly Meetup https://internetfreedomfestival.org/wiki/index.php/Africa_Monthly_Meetups

@ October 22 | The State of Internet Freedom Around the World https://internetfreedomfestival.formstack.com/forms/cks28

@ October 22 | Glitter Meetup with Hapee from Greenhost https://internetfreedomfestival.org/wiki/index.php/October_22_2020_GM

@ November 3 | Civilsphere's Emergency VPN: Analyzing Mobile Network Traffic to Detect Digital Threats https://internetfreedomfestival.formstack.com/forms/cks26

@ November 10 | VPN & Policy https://internetfreedomfestival.formstack.com/forms/vpnvillage3

Digital Rights Work & Self-care

We dedicated this Glitter Meetup to discuss ideas of how we can better work/network on Digital Rights with each other virtually, considering we may be in quarantine for a while. Especially build cooperations and keeping self-care as a priority.

How to improve our work/network

  • To have more meetups focused on self-care/mental health
  • To have meetups focused on self-care with a trans-regional perspective
  • To have more places to get to know the space
  • To better align our work and cooperate to promote IFF community projects. These could be sustained through time, building upon projects/interests that each is working on, and adjusting responsibilities and time to various needs

When everyone says self-care what are you envisioning

  • Self care to me it's also time management, and self esteem conversations
  • I imagine a simple check in like this, but where the provoking questions are about how you are feeling at that moment or like something nice you did for yourself that week
  • outdoors and exercising more

Formats and Activities for Self-care

  • Guided Meditations
  • Practical Workshops
  • Video calls, phone calls, text based
  • An informal call discussing how i'm feeling, while i'm walking
  • Watch a movie together and people join a chat room