May 5 2021 , Africa Meetup

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Africa Meetups

Date: Wednesday, May 5th

Time: 3pm UTC+2 / CAT

Who: Facilitated by Tawanda from Digital Society of Africa

Where: Zoom link will be shared in the following rooms on the IFF Mattermost one or two hours before the start of the meeting: Sub-Saharian Africa.

Notes: Please put notes here:


Countries Represented

  • Tazania
  • Uganda
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Zimbabwe
  • Kenya

Agenda Physical security for HRDs during Covi-19

Guest Speaker - Ephraim Muchemi Irex

The current pandemic has turned the world upside down. Most people have been forced to work from which to some is a new concept they are coming into terms with. Offices have been closed and working from home is the new normal. Working from home can be challenging, es­pecially when there are several people and/or limited space.

Disscusion Points

Ephraim, began by asking the participants to introduce themselves and to state how they are feeling, he went ahead to say that this is a great exercise for purposes of finding out the mental well being of the participants. There is a connection between,Mental health and Physical fitness. He gave the following points to

Risk Assessment Conducting a risk assessment is key in order to know and evaluate the threats , vulnerabilities and risks an organization is likely to face.

  • Situational awareness: Being aware of what is happening around you. Understanding one's working enviroment.
  • Health Fitness: can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger, which in turn improves your phychosocialwell being.
  • Selfcare its important to have a selfcare regime, and selfcare is subjective and its not what consumerisms has made it to be.
  • Team work, Power of working as a team, solidarity always keeping an eye on each other especially when you are in the out in the field.
  • Execution plan, incase attakers show up to your premises, you must have an exit plan.
  • Anti Surveillance: Understanding anti-surveillance tactics and techniques will enable HRDs to avoid being surveilled or lose any suspected hostile surveillance. A risk assessment can help ascertain level of surveillance both physically and electronically.

Shared Resources Topic: Physical Security 101