May 23 2024 GM

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Glitter Meetup: What is Happening in Digital Rights Around the World?

Glitter Meetups

Come to share emerging and existing digital rights conversations happening around the world and in your region at this Glitter Meetup! There is something new, specific or special that you would like to bring to the technology and human rights table? Join us and let's talk about it!

What is Glitter Meetup?

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the digital rights and Internet Freedom community at the IF Square on the TCU Mattermost, at 9am EDT / 1pm UTC. It is a text-based chat where digital rights defenders can share regional and project updates, expertise, ask questions, and connect with others from all over the world! Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.


We talked a little bit about music, and a participant shared this great Code-based Music Production tool:

We talked about stingray/IMSI catcher as an effective way for the government of indonesia to take over whatsapp acount of HRDs. For context: the People's Water Forum happening in Bali since 21st May was invaded by some kind of paramilitary groups and some organizers Whatsapp was taken over. Those kind of things (invasion from paramilitary groups on a civil society's events) are happening a lot here, and whatsapp account takeover are always happening. So IMSI catcher/stingray is a tool that acts like a "mobile tower" while it's actually an eavesdropping tool; the government uses it to get the OTP for whatsapp login that are sent via SMS. The awareness of using 2FA or MFA is so low, also using more secure aternative messenger like Signal is not really common for the activists, especially those who works in grassroots level

We shared this opportunity: NGI Zero Commons Fund - Reclaim the Public Nature of the Internet: the NLnet foundation has an open call for their new NGI Zero Commons. Fund, focused on reclaiming the public nature of the internet. They are looking for proposals that will deliver, mature and scale new internet commons across the whole technology spectrum - from silicon to middleware, to P2P infrastructure to convenient end user applications. The fund has a holistic, full-stack approach, and is looking for proposals ranging from 5.000 and 50.000 euros — with the possibility to scale them up significantly if there is proven potential. Deadline: June 1, 2024 12:00 CEST (noon).