May 16 2024 GM

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sheEsecures - a Platform for an Inclusive and Feminist Internet

Join us to talk with Selamawit about the emergence of sheEsecures, an Ethiopian social impact-driven feminist online platform devoted to crafting a safer digital space for women. sheEsecures was created following a series of digital security training sessions for young women, women journalists, and women human rights defenders. Additionally, Selamawit will delve into the details of the quarterly digital magazine produced by the platform, sheEsecures Digest, which specifically addresses feminist internet issues and the localization of digital security concerns.

Selamawit Tezera (@selamtez4 on Mattermost) is a Pan-African feminist who grounds her work in intersectional feminist politics as the foundation for disrupting unequal power structures. For 7 years now, she has engaged in this work at a national, regional, and international level at organizations such as Earuyan Solutions, African Feminism, Black Feminist Futures, Internews Network, FRIDA | the Young Feminist Fund, and others at the intersections of youth inclusion, gender, human rights, and technology, with a focus on advancing social justice. She also supports regional feminist movements as a global advisor for FRIDA. As a Safe Sisters fellow, she gave digital security training to more than 90 women human rights defenders. She recently founded a digital platform, sheEsecures, which advocates for digital rights and internet freedom for women. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow.

What is Glitter Meetup?

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the digital rights and Internet Freedom community at the IF Square on the TCU Mattermost, at 9am EDT / 1pm UTC. It is a text-based chat where digital rights defenders can share regional and project updates, expertise, ask questions, and connect with others from all over the world! Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.


How sheEsecures started and what challenges did you want to address by starting the project? also please tell us about sheEsecures main offering and products.

  • The inception of sheEsecures was rooted in my experiences as a digital security trainer. After my Safe Sisters fellowship, I had the opportunity to conduct numerous digital security training sessions.
  • However, I noticed a gap in the effectiveness of these sessions related to the lack of behavioral change post-training. People were not adopting the recommended security practices, such as changing their passwords every 3-6 months, despite being informed about their importance during the training. This observation led me to realize that imparting knowledge was not enough; fostering a behavioral change was equally crucial.
  • Thus, to address this challenge, I founded sheEsecures. We try to follow unique approach to localize digital security matter - we focus on creating awareness around digital security matters using monthly themes on different topics.
  • This method keeps the topic fresh and engaging, thereby encouraging individuals to adopt secure practices as part of their routine. In addition, we place special emphasis on young girls, understanding the importance of their digital safety in today's interconnected world.
  • This focus is reflected in our digital magazine, which serves as a platform to educate and empower them.
  • As for our main offerings, sheEsecures provides three key services:
  1. Digital Security Trainings: We conduct comprehensive training sessions to educate individuals about various aspects of digital security.
  2. Online Awareness Creation Materials: We create and disseminate informative materials online to raise awareness about digital security matters.
  3. Digital Magazine*: Our digital magazine is a dedicated space where we discuss digital security, with a special focus on WHRDs, women journalists and young women. We also do researches around feminist internet.
Could you share some links of sheEsecures magazine or where people could read it? How has the magazine grown?
  • People can find the magazine on our Telegram channel ( And the latest edition is this one
  • Our primary communication platform is Telegram, chosen due to its widespread usage among the Ethiopian population. This platform allows us to reach a broad audience effectively and efficiently. While we also maintain a presence on Instagram, where our Sunday reading recommendations have garnered positive engagement, we rely on Telegram for regular posting remains significant.
  • The reach of our digital magazine has been expanding steadily. In our upcoming fifth edition, we are excited to feature contributions from four different authors, all focusing on the critical topic of Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence (TFGBV). This diversity of voices will provide our readers with a comprehensive understanding of the issue from various perspectives.
What made you dedicate yourself to teach youth digital security?
  • The increasing prevalence of TFGBV in Africa, and particularly in Ethiopia, has been a significant concern. Recent studies have attested to this trend, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue. The impact of TFGBV is profound, often leading to severe psychological consequences such as depression and, in extreme cases, suicide. I have heard different stories regarding this and recognizing this, my focus has been on equipping young women with the necessary skills to protect themselves in the digital space.
  • The goal is not just to create youth who are secure in their digital interactions, but also to foster a community of women who stand up for each other. We aim to cultivate a sense of solidarity, where every woman becomes her sister's keeper, ready to support and defend against instances of TFGBV. By empowering young women with knowledge and skills, we can ensure they navigate this space safely and confidently, thereby reducing the incidence and impact of TFGBV. This dedication to fostering a safer digital environment for women is what drives the work at sheEsecures.

You can reach out via email or via Signal @selam004.32