March 4 2021 GM

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Glitter Meetups

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community at the IFF Square on the IFF Mattermost, at 9am EST / 2pm UTC. Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.

Upcoming events

@ March 16 | Collaborative Conversation on Free Speech, Extremist Organizing & The Paradox of Intolerance

@ March 18 | Glitter Meetup: New Feminist Fund, the Numun Fund

@ March 25 | Disinformation Workshop: Tools & Techniques

@ March 30 | Q&A with Circumvention Lead at Tor About Snowflake

Community Updates

  • Security in a Box +100 security guide production document
  • Interviews with VPN users at the IFF about their needs by Gus Andrews