March 31 2023, Africa Meetup

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Africa Meetups

Date: Friday, March 31st

Time: 3pm SAST / 1pm UTC / 4pm EAT / 9am EDT

Who: Facilitated by Mardiya & Tawanda

Where: BigBlueButton link will be shared in the following rooms on the IFF Mattermost one or two hours before the start of the meeting: Sub-Saharian Africa.

Notes: Please put notes here:


Political Situations

  • The rolling protests in Nairobi, which happens two days in a week.
  • How the political space in Kenya is affecting the work and headspace of community members
  • Cases are concerning press freedom because there has been efforts to stifle expression and journalists within the community are still processing what this means for their work.
  • A social media hiatus. Increasing political tensions, crisis, new bills, and violence have caused some community members to decide to take a social media break. This is their own way of protecting their Zen and keeping what is left of their mental capacity at bay.

The Global Gathering

  • Excited to attend the global gathering, especially to have a mini regional meet-up. Members hope that many people within the community have applied and would be able to attend.  
  • Building bonds beyond online connections: the community members shared that bonds are stronger in-person, and the global gathering is a chance to further some of these existing relationships.