February 11 2021 GM

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Glitter Meetups

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community at the IFF Square on the IFF Mattermost, at 9am EST / 2pm UTC. Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.

Upcoming events

@ February 24 | Latin America Monthly Meetup https://internetfreedomfestival.org/wiki/index.php/Latin_American_Monthly_Meetups

@ February 26 | TC CKS: Story Time Cafe with Internet Master Storytellers https://digitalrights.formstack.com/forms/cks33

@ March 3 | Africa Monthly Meetup https://internetfreedomfestival.org/wiki/index.php/Africa_Monthly_Meetups


Community Updates

Community Health Questions

Think back in the last year, was there a toolkit, gathering, services, experience etc that was necessary to help you feel better? Or was crucial for your wellbeing?

  • This meetup and online conferences generally have absolutely been my lifeblood this year, they've kept me alive.
  • Online dance and Pilates classes in spaces that are queer and BIPOC-led.
  • Calls and being able to see and meet people online
  • The December talent show!!
  • being part of more communities and projects.
  • Online board games,

What do you wish you had?

  • I do have a huge collection of physical boadgames. But didn't have anyone to play with.
  • A steady and useful job where I feel valued is the first thing that came to mind. I also wish to be able to rest a bit, I always feel behind

Career wise, What could useful mentorship or support look like, form a community management side. AND what could mutual aid in this regard look like? Think also as a community

  • Maybe calls our group gatherings where one could ask questions and share their experiences and doubts?
  • As a more senior member of this community I would be more than happy to participate in mentorship sessions
  • It can also be involvement in a project where someone more experienced is actually practically exposing the less experienced ones. This can be a paid or voluntary type of involvement
  • This question makes me think of something like a glitter meeting where people with certain roles can share what they learned (and how) to get there. I feel that in these fields we’re very much at the edge of history and many of the paradigms we’ve been using in termos career development wont serve the next phase we’re creating
  • It would be great to learn about ways of improving and broadening my career