August 27 2020 GM

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Glitter Meetups

Community Updates

We dedicated this Glitter Meetup to share some news from different regions, projects updates and resources between the community members.

  • Hasgeek has a new update: they are notifying people when something relevant happens.
  • Online SOS offers two new Action Plans for journalists who may face Threats of Violence or Online Sexual Harassment (aka gendered threats). The content was researched and written by two freelance journalists, and advised by the former head of journalist digital security at New York Times.
  • Harm reduction tips from Hacking//Hustling for how to make sure you can keep your audience even when shadowbanned in the US.
  • Recorded talk by Hacking//Hustling, Ingrid Burrington, & Olivia McKayla that includes shadowbanning (around 22:00).
  • Buzzfeed's latest reports uncovering Xinjiang’s camps through blanked out spots on China’s maps.
    • The main article is here, giving an overview of our findings.
    • The second article here talks to a series of former detainees in depth about their experiences and what it is like inside these camps.
    • And their final article here goes into detail about how we carried out this investigation.