April 27 2023, Africa Meetup

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Africa Meetups

Date: Thursday, April 27th

Time: 3pm SAST / 1pm UTC / 4pm EAT / 9am EDT

Who: Facilitated by Mardiya & Tawanda

Where: BigBlueButton link will be shared in the following rooms on the IFF Mattermost one or two hours before the start of the meeting: Sub-Saharian Africa.

Collectives Notes: Please put notes here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/africa-meetup


Regional Updates
  • Activists in Burundi are being targeted , and a few colleagues of community members have been arrested. To stay safe some have tried to stay offline for a while.
  • There is a rise in digital security threats against journalists and activists in West African countries such as Mali, Senegal, this has created the urgent need for digital security awareness and sustainability programs in the region which is currently lacking.
  • There is an opportunity to address the language gaps with digital security within Francophone speaking countries in Africa. Most of the resources have been translated from english, and the lack of documentation of the threats also excercabate the issue. Funding to advance digital justice and security is very much lacking in the french speaking regions of Africa.  
Supporting the Sudanese Community in our Capacity
  • While people are currently unreachable online, it is imporant that we constantly check up on them to make sure that they know we are thinking of them and avaialable to provide support.
  • As a community we need a strategic plan for when there is a little bit of a calm atmosphere. That is a recovery support plan.
  • One of our community members currently is South Sudan shared that they are on standby to provide their help where needed.
  • RightsCon is an opportunity to meetup / come together physically. It is important to facilitate a process where people in the community are able to know who is attending rightscon for coordination.