Reports and Articles

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The following are reports and articles that were created synthesizing information collected during both Glitter Meetups and CKS workshops, and showcase general consensus in a specific IFF community.

COVID19 Related

Censorship and Disinformation to Blame for the Spread of COVID-19

We synthesized information and research our community in Asia shared regarding COVID-19 and the role China's censorship and surveillance played in creating the current health crisis.

Challenges Cultivating Communities Online during COVID-19

On March 26, 2020 during our weekly Glitter Meetup, we gathered community members, representative of all regions, to discuss the virtual challenges their communities were already experiencing in relation to cultivating community online post COVID-19. This was their responses.

Community Resources for COVID19

We gathered a bunch of information for the community focusing on COVID19, ranging from Self-care, to rapid response support, to other tools.