October 28 2022, Asia Meetup

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Asia Meetups

Date: Friday, October 28th

Time: 4pm IST/ 5pm MMT/ 6:30am EDT (What time is it in my city?)

Who: Facilitated by Astha

Where: Text-based format on the Asia Regional Channel, on the IFF Mattermost.

Vibes of the Milk Tea Alliance: how to interact with the different angles of one big non-human

MTA Galleries is a child of northern pine forests, [partly] living in Asea/SEAsia for over 13 years. For most of their adult life, they have been managing IT-related projects, but object-oriented ontology, Hong Kong protests, and SEA grassroots heavily impressed and inspired them to participate in activism. Follow their work on @MTA_Museum


Notes will be posted here