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Glitter Meetups

Upcoming Virtual Events

@ October 6 | Resisting Public Space Surveillance: Fostering Privacy and Anonymity in the Age of Mass Video and Facial Recognition Surveillance - RSVP Here

@ October 8 | VPN Village’s Glitter Meetup: Q&A with TunnelBear - RSVP Here

@ October 14 | Asia Monthly Meetup - How to Participate

@ October 15 | Latin America Monthly Meetup - How to Participate

@ October 21 | Africa Monthly Meetup - How to Participate

Community Updates

  • This year, Mozilla is adding a new collaborative feature to their Internet Health Report: A people’s index of internet health. They are looking for leaders in the internet health movement and stories about the year’s healthiest and unhealthiest moments online.
  • An organization led a great Google Analytics webinar! They are working on putting together documentation to help the website operators to get the data they need while balancing the privacy of people visiting their site. This project has been influenced by a new tool from Markup, Blacklight


  • A participant is looking for resources on building a website that truly values visitors’ privacy (or even educates them about their privacy like browser history)
  • One community member is looking for activist well-being or psycho therapy., and wellness planning for CSO/groups setting (preference in Hong Kong)


We took a minute to write and share some comments of encouragement for the community

  • Dear Digital Rights Community: I know the world feels like it's on fire, but please remember that things always change. And we have the honor of working next to each other every day. Next to beautiful, smart, and good hearted humans. Not everyone can say that.
  • Dear Digital Rights Community: I declare to you my love and gratefulness for the incredible ways you've taught me so many new perspectives. I know at times it feels this way up against a leviathan, but it is also true that the hearts and minds are able to change, you change forever... So much so that then they go and change hearts and minds themselves. What you do expands and reproduces beyond time and space, those are my kind of victorie.
  • Dear Digital Rights Community: You make the Internet a better, safer, more caring place. The spaces you’ve created in the past and visions you share for the future give me hope! We are all here to help tend to the garden of online freedom and keep it blooming despite it all.

Do you want to send your Letter of Love to the Digital Rights Community? Write to team [at] internetfreedomfestival [dot] org or tweet to @internetff with your message <3