June 28 2023, Asia Meetup

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Asia Meetups

Date: Wednesday, June 28th

Time: 30pm IST/ 4:30pm MMT/ 6pm CST / 6am EDT / 10am UTC

Who: Facilitated by Astha

Where: Text-based format on the Asia Regional Channel, on the TCU Mattermost.

STF: Supporting Public FOSS Infrastructure

STF is a newly created public fund in Germany to support digital critical infrastructure. It supports Free and Open Source components that many people rely on, but are maintained by a few. Tara will present the story of how the STF came about, and its mission, and the opportunities it provides to people interested in maintaining critical public digital infrastructures.

Guest speaker: Tara is a technologist working on designing support models and mobilizing resources to encourage, sustain and maintain the FOSS ecosystem infrastructure with the Sovereign Tech Fund. They have helped manage and incubate core infrastructure FOSS projects providing access to and security on online, led advocacy campaigns against online censorship and spreading a culture of online safety, and worked on research mapping internet infrastructure, legislation, control and policy.


Notes will be posted here