Intersectional DNS Working Group

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The Intersectional DNS Working Group made up of activists, technologists, journalists, and other human rights defenders interested in learning more about DNS and helping push forth the change we need and want to see. We believe that by having different types of voices represented, we can both help educate each other, and successfully come up with creative short-term and long-term solutions that may help mitigate risks.


While the working group will evolve to meet the needs and interests of those involved, it will focus primarily on the following tasks:

  • Salon-Inspired Educational Activities: Members will pool their knowledge to collectively educate each other on different aspects of DNS.
  • Documenting Cases: Members will help document cases that can be used to inform researchers working on these issues
  • Bridge Building Between Service/Infrastructure Providers and IF Community: Considering the scope of the problem, the group will aim to create more bridges between the IF community and internet infrastructure/service providers. These bridges are essential to help with knowledge share, and cultivate allies in sectors outside of the IF community.
  • Crafting Recommendations for Internet Infrastructure Providers: Produce recommendations that can be shared with internet infrastructure providers, and help shape the future of the Internet to be more secure and equitable.

Next Event

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Who: TBD


Who Can Join

Anyone can join who fits the following requirements:

Has at least 4-5 hours per month that can be dedicated to the group. Ideally, it should be people whose work requires either working on internet infrastructure, or learning about how it works to help better protect their community.

Has a passion and desire for better understanding internet infrastructure, with a special focus on DNS, and helping come up with creative possibilities to tackle the problem.

Is either an activist, technologist, journalist, or human rights defender. In fact, we would like a diversity of profiles represented!

If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, please reach out to