Creating Your Own Custom Security Policy

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Workshop: Creating Your Own Custom Security Policy


Who: Gem Barret

Date: Wednesday, November 18th

Time: 12:00pm EST / 5:00pm UTC+0

Language: English

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Creating security policies for your organization does not have to be difficult, especially considering the amazing tools and knowledge that already exist in the digital rights space. Join Gem Barrett who will provide you with an overview of SOAP, a free online tool they created to help organizations generate custom security policies. In this presentation, Gem will share a brief history of SOAP and their research analyzing how security policies are used by civil society organizations. Join this practical workshop and learn:

  • The benefits and challenges of taking a privacy-conscious and security-first approach to tool development.
  • Gem will provide a demo of SOAP, so individuals can understand how to use the tool to create their own security policy.

The discussion will include an interactive Q&A segment where you can ask Gem your questions directly!

Gem Barrett (they/them) is a public interest technologist and the creator of SOAP: a free, online tool for generating custom organizational security policies. As a former Ford-Mozilla Open Web fellow, Making All Voices Count fellow and DCFemTech award-winner, they’re a vocal advocate for ethical, open-source technology in addition to being an experienced coder and designer.

// We will be hosting a 25 minute post-workshop networking exercise to allow folks to meet others who share their interest, and strengthen collaborations across various lines. Make sure to schedule in 25 minutes extra on your calendar, if you are interested in joining //

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Notes will be posted here.