May 23 2023, Asia Meetup

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Asia Meetups

Date: Tuesday, May 23

Time: 1:30pm IST/ 2:30pm MMT/ 4am EDT (What time is it in my city?)

Who: Facilitated by Astha

Where: Text-based format on the Asia Regional Channel, on the TCU Mattermost.

The 2023 Thai Elections: What iLaw observed on the ground

We will speak with Ruchapong Chamjirachaikul about the work of the Internet Law Reform Dialogue in ensuring the need for transparent elections in Thailand.

Ruchapong "Thames" Chamjirachaikul is an Advocacy Officer at the Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw), which works in communication campaigns for democracy, freedom of expression, and a fair and accountable justice system in Thailand.


Notes will be posted here