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Global Gathering Ask-Me-Anything Notes

Global Gathering Ask-Me-Anything conversations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Gathering going to be like and what role do the Summit and the Feira play in the event?

The 2023 edition of the Global Gathering (GG) will take place in Estoril, Portugal, from September 15 - 17, and will be composed of two main components - the Summit and the Feira. This year’s event design is unique and exceptional, given that this the “alpha” version of a three year vision, and the first event we do post-pandemic.

The Summit is the invite-only, facilitated portion of the GG and will take place from 9:00 to 13:00 each day of the event. It will bring together 200 managers and decision-makers from across the digital rights space.

Alternatively, attendance at the Feira was open to application for anyone working in the digital rights space. The Feira will take place from 13:30 - 20:30 each day of the GG, and will welcome an additional 300 community members on top of the 200 Summit invitees. The Feira will feature a Project Showcase, Meetups, networking, food vendors, sun, and evening entertainment.

How can I apply to the Summit and the Feira?

The Summit is an invite-only event. Generally, we invited 1 decision-maker per organization to ensure diversity of entities present.

The Feira was open to application for anyone working in the digital rights space, however the applications are now closed. All Summit attendees and approved Feira attendees will be able to participate in the Feira and showcase their projects and/or facilitate or participate in Meetups. While some meetups were pre-scheduled before the GG, there will be ample space for participants to arrange self-organized meetups when they arrive at the venue, to allow room for organic conversations to develop.

Is Team CommUNITY able to support participant travel costs?

Due to limited availability of funds, we cannot fully launch our Equity Fund for 2023. However, we have been working with attendees to support them to obtain alternative funding. If you can financially support someone for 2023, please reach out by emailing

If I get sick or have an accident in Portugal, what should I do? How is the country’s healthcare system?

Please reach out to a member of the staff immediately. Our Wellness Team will be able to provide you with support. In addition, we have compiled a list of pharmacies and hospitals here. However, for any immediate emergency (heart attack, broken arm, etc.) please call 112 immediately!